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Air Assist Airless Equipment

Bobcat Air Assist Airless


C.A.Technologies introduces the latest addition to the CAT gun line - the Bobcat Air Assist Airless gun designed for production wood and metal finishing. Features include lightweight design, stainless steel fluid passages and an integrated fluid filter. The handle is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and fit comfortably in any size hand. The trigger pull has been designed to be ultra light resulting in less muscle strain and operator fatigue. An innovative trigger safety has also been integrated into the gun to provide optimum safety. The Bobcat's superior atomization is achieved with the precise geometry of the airless tip and HVLP air cap, giving you the finest finish possible. C.A.Technologies is now offering a new lightweight and flexible fluid hose. The hose is 1/8" in diameter and will be standard with all Bobcat wall mount and cart mount outfits.

Air Inlet - 1/4” NPS (m)
Fluid Inlet - 1/4" NPS (m)
Weight - 17 oz.
Requires 6 CFM

Part Sheet: Bobcat
Sales Sheet: AAA Line

Cougar Air Assist Airless


The Cougar Air Assist Airless is a fine finish gun for production wood or metal fine finish spraying. Features include all stainless steel fluid passages, ergonomic design, integrated fluid filter and easy trigger pull. Superfine soft atomization is achieved with precise geometry of airless fluid tip and low volume aircap that mix at the locus of atomization. Delivers desired finishes at production speeds. Pump (below) and gun system can be operated with a 1.5 hp compressor.

Air Inlet - 1/4” NPS (m)
Fluid Inlet - 1/4" NPS (m)
Weight - 23 oz.
Requires 6 CFM

Part Sheet: Cougar
Sales Sheet: AAA Line

Bobcat Automatic Air Assist Airless

Bobcat Automatic

The new auto BOBCAT AAA has all stainless steel wetted areas, great for woodworking and metal finishing. It encompasses a new revolutionary needle design that simplifies maintenance and cleaning. Each gun is packaged with the ability to be used in circulating or non-circulating systems. The gun circulates very close to the tip to minimize material settling. The auto BOBCAT is designed for being a direct replacement for existing competitors guns with virtually no changes in mounting block or hardware.

Air Inlet - 1/4” NPS (m)
Fluid Inlet - 1/4" NPS (m)
Weight - 20 oz.
Requires 6 CFM

Part Sheet: Automatic Bobcat
Sales Sheet: Automatic Bobcat

C.A. Technologies Air Assist Airless Tips
Part # Part # Orifice Size Angle
Part # Orifice Size Angle
36-207 36-207-F 0.007 20 4" 36-315 0.015 30 6"
36-407 36-407-F 0.007 40 8" 36-415 0.015 40 8"
36-309 36-309-F 0.009 30 6" 36-515 0.015 50 10"
36-409 36-409-F 0.009 40 8" 36-615 0.015 60 12"
36-509 36-509-F 0.009 50 10" 36-715 0.015 70 14"
36-709 36-709-F 0.009 70 14" 36-815 0.015 80 16"
36-211 36-211-F 0.011 20 4" 36-417 0.017 40 8"
36-311 36-311-F 0.011 30 6" 36-517 0.017 50 10"
36-411 36-411-F 0.011 40 8" 36-617 0.017 60 12"
36-511 36-511-F 0.011 50 10" 36-717 0.017 70 14"
36-611 36-611-F 0.011 60 12" 36-419 0.019 40 8"
36-213 36-213-F 0.013 20 4" 36-619 0.019 60 12"
36-313 36-313-F 0.013 30 6" 36-719 0.019 70 14"
36-413 36-413-F 0.013 40 8" 36-621 0.021 60 12"
36-513 36-513-F 0.013 50 10" 36-721 0.021 70 14"
36-613 36-613-F 0.013 60 12"  

Note: Carbide tips spray pattern is guaranteed to +/- 5 degrees (one inch). Double degrees to determine fan inches.

*The 36-XXX-F is the new opti-tip that is proven to help reduce micro-bubbles when spraying primers and waterborne coatings. Opti-tips also provide optimized atomization of top coats, primers and paints.

Air Assist Airless 14:1 Peak Performance Fine Finish Pump

C14 Cart Mount

The Air Assist Airless pump from C.A.T. is an all stainless 14:1 ratio pump for production fine finish spraying of wood or other fine finish applications. The new 14:1 Peak Performance Series pump incorporates a new completely redesigned air motor that features a stationary magnet poised for endurance and longevity. This simple direct acting valve is also resistant to icing, has a long life carbon fiber cylinder and integrated noise suppression design for quiet operation. The fluid section is all stainless featuring a non-contact pump tube that never wears out. Also featured is a cartridge style piston seal and guide for quick field replacement. Unit has a large capacity solvent cup and 360 degree fluid inlet/outlet orientation.

Pump Ratio - 14:1
Max Air Pressure - 107 PSI
Max Fluid Pressure - 1500 PSI
Fluid Volume - 1/3 GPM per cycle (supports one gun up to .024 orifice size)

Part Sheet: AAA Cougar Peak 14:1 Outfit
Part Sheet: AAA Bobcat Peak 14:1 Outfit
Part Sheet: AAA Cougar 14:1 Outfit
Part Sheet: AAA Bobcat 14:1 Outfit
Sales Sheet: AAA 14:1

Portable Air Assist Airless 14:1 - "Bringing portability to the market of fine finishing"


C.A.Technologies Cougar/Bobcat spray outfits are now available as a self-contained unit with 2 HP compressor, 4-gallon air tanks and the AAA pump all packed nicely on a sleek compact cart, making it the most effective tool for any job any place.

2 HP Compressor (100 P.S.I. MAX)
Cougar/Bobcat AAA Gun
No Stall Air Motor Design
4 Gallon Air Tank (Twin 2 Gallon)
14:1 Ratio Stainless Steel Pump
Compact Design

Sales Sheet: AAA 14:1 Portable Cart Unit

Air Assist Airless 20:1 Fine Finish Pump

C20 Cart Mount

The New Air Assist Airless pump from C.A.T. is an all stainless 20:1 ratio pump for higher viscosity materials and multi-gun operation, incorporates a totally enclosed throat seal to reduce contamination as well as a sight gauge for ease of checking lubricant levels. This is a durable and dependable pump for continuous operation with a 2 GPM displacement for single or multiple gun applications (8 guns up to 13 thousands tip). The air motor magnetic no stall trip mechanism insures smooth pump stroke transition with no "surge" or "wink" in the spray pattern maximizing transfer efficiency. The fluid section is all stainless steel and can be used for most solvent and waterborne coatings, paints, pigmented lacquers, pre and post catalyzed materials and primers. The new "Cat Fast Clamp" makes for easy and rapid removal for maintenance of the fluid section from the air motor. These were built for easy "field" repairs with fewer parts lowering maintenance costs and equipment down time. An optional separate fluid section fluid filter with multiple outlets is also available. The standard fluid section utilizes a spring seal configuration on the lower portion and a self-adjusting "V" packing on the upper portion. An optional self-adjusting "V" packing for the lower portion is also available for more abrasive coatings.

Pump Ratio - 20:1
Max Air Pressure - 100 PSI
Max fluid Pressure - 2000 PSI
Fluid Volume - 2 GPM (supports 8 guns up to .013 orifice size)

Part Sheet: AAA C-20
Sales Sheet: AAA C-20