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Black CAT Portable HVLP (BC100H)


The Black CAT is a portable HVLP system that allows the user to spray with a constant 10 psi at the gun, unlike competitive units. The 2 H.P. V-Twin oil-less compressor is quiet and a proven workhorse. Match that with our 2.5 gallon pressure tank, cart, 25’ air and fluid hose and Lynx L100H and you have the most uniquely designed portable unit available.

Horsepower - 2 HP
Air Recievers - (2) 2 gallon tanks (4 gal. total)
SCFM - 5.3 to 7.0 depending on pressure
Voltage - 120/Single Phase (14 AMP)
Unit Weight - 156 Lbs.
Max. Pressure - 120 psi / 80 psi pressure pot

Sales Sheet: Black CAT

Portable Air Assist Airless 14:1 - "Bringing portability to the market of fine finishing"


C.A.Technologies Cougar/Bobcat spray outfits are now available as a self-contained unit with 2 HP compressor, 4-gallon air tanks and the AAA pump all packed nicely on a sleek compact cart, making it the most effective tool for any job any place.

2 HP Compressor (100 P.S.I. MAX)
Cougar/Bobcat AAA Gun
No Stall Air Motor Design
4 Gallon Air Tank (Twin 2 Gallon)
14:1 Ratio Stainless Steel Pump
Compact Design

Sales Sheet: AAA 14:1 Portable Cart Unit

GO System Portable Outfits


The GO portable compressor system is CAT’s new on the go unit. This systems contains a 2 HP compressor with 4.6 gallon twin tanks for a continuous supply of air, perfect for your low cfm options out in the field. The compressor is engineered to reduce noise for a quieter work environment. Outfits are available with a variety of CAT spray gun options.

4.6 Gallon Twin Tanks
7.0 CFM @ 40 PSI
5.3 CFM @ 90 PSI

Sales Sheet: GO Systems

Pressure Tank Outfits


C.A.T. gun and tank outfits include the following options: Teflon coated, all stainless steel or stainless steel fitted, 2.5, 5 and 10 gallon tanks. Hand and air agitated tanks available. Outfits are standard with 25’ 5/16” air hose and 25’ 1/4” fluid hose. Your choice of of any CAT pressure gun including HVLP and Conventional, Compliant, Panther series for Zinc or industrial coatings.

Sales Sheet: Pressure Tanks

OP100G "The Laminator" - Panther Tank Outfits


C.A.T. P100G outfit is designed especially for glue applications. The Panther is teflon coated for easy clean-up with stainless steel fluid passages. The 2.5 gallon tank is standard with stainless steel pick up tube, rigid plastic liner and dual regulators. The outfit includes 25’ 5/16” air hose and 25’ 1/4” fluid hose. Optional 3/8” diameter fluid hose is available.

Part Sheet: Panther 100G (P100G)
Sales Sheet: Panther 100G (P100G)
Sales Sheet: Adhesive Systems

1 Quart Pressure Cup Outfits

CPR-303R2 [Angled]

C.A.T. 1 quart pressure cup outfits are ideal for small jobs when easy clean-up is required. These outfits have two cup options, the 51-303R2 and the 51-303. The 51-303R2 has a regulator at the gun handle for up to 10 PSI fluid pressure. The 51-303R2 can be used with any of the pressure feed guns offered by CAT. The 51-303 cup is for CAT guns with ported heads only.

Sales Sheet: 1 Quart Pressure Cups

2 QT Cup Outfits

2 QT Outfit

Our 2 quart cup outfits are available in two different models, the 51-600 Bandit (shown above) and the 51-130 economy cup. The Bandit cup features our 360 degree clamp cover design with rigid cup liner. Both cup models are available with dual regulators. For specifications on the cups see page 16. Both outfits include your choice of gun. 5’ 5/16” air hose and 5’1/4” fluid hose is also included.

Sales Sheet: 2 Quart Bandit (51-600)
Sales Sheet: 2 Quart Techline (51-130)