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5 Gallon Mixers

54-110 54-400 54-405 54-410


The 5 Gallon Mixers are available in a hand mixer as well as 3 different style pail mixers.

Hand Mixers:
54-110 5 Gallon Hand Mixer - 1/4 HP Motor

Pail Mixers:
54-405 economy mixer - 1/4 HP Motor
54-410 Pail Manual Hand Mixer
54-400 Mixer - 1/2 HP Motor.

Part Sheet: 54-400 (5 Gallon Pneumatic Pail Agitator)
Part Sheet: 54-405 (5 Gallon Pneumatic Pail Agitator)
Part Sheet: 54-410 (5 Gallon Hand Agitated Pail Agitator)
Sales Sheet: Mixers

55 Gallon Mixers

54-310 54-450


The 55 Gallon Drum Mixer is available in 2 styles.

The 54-310 is a bung mount drum agitator with collapsible folding blades.
The 54-450 is all stainless steel and will fix directly over any 55 gallon drum, supplied with 1/2 hp motor and speed control.

Part Sheet: 54-310 (55 Gallon Pneumatic Drum Agitator)
Part Sheet: 54-450 (55 Gallon Pneumatic Drum Agitator)
Sales Sheet: Mixers